About Us



413 Wing has full Kitchen facilities and caters to all events from 40 - 120 people. 

The menu ranges from a light lunch to full course meals. Our L.A will ensure your meals are professionally prepared the way you want it.

About Us



  • Our Bookings Officer can be reached by phoning the Wing bar at 613-392-2774, and requesting Booking contact info.  
  • If you require catering  mentioned it to the Bookings Officer who  will give you the Food Convener's contact info.   
  • Prices vary, tell us what you require.  We have a lounge dedicated to events throughout the year except for scheduled Wing Functions.   
  • Our L.A. will provide you with an awesome meal   in a courteous and professional manner
  • (Special dietary restrictions can be accomodated upon request)

Bookings are done by phone only, no text or emailing.

About Us



Our L.A. consists of hardworking dedicated volunteers who give their time to ensure all catering functions are a success.  More volunteers are always needed to cut down on the time that each individual has to give.  If you have a few hours here and there during the week please give you name to any executive member and they will pass it on to the Food Convener. As you all know the backbone of any organization is always the volunteers.